AnyRidge Implant System

Design Concept

AnyRidge is the first implant system to introduce the concept of progressive thread design. It’s a game changer.


More Cortical Bone Preservation

Advanced coronal design allows maximum cortical bone preservation around implants. Beyond osseointegration, AnyRidge can assure a beautiful gingival line.


Platform Shifting. At its best.

Double offset for better Peri-Implant biotype. Anatomical S-line for thicker mucosa. Smaller platform for more crestal bone. Platform Shifting. At its best.

No screw loosening

The 5° morse taper connection provides a perfect hermetic sealing and virtually eliminates the screw loosening.


Innovative thread design

Unique Knife Thread — round faced and narrow thread design. Less insertion torque. Excellent initial stabilization. Resistance to compressive force. Minimal shear force creation. Higher BIC.


XPEED Surface

Ca(2+) on S.L.A. surface topography. Stronger. Faster. Safer.