06.30 – MegaGen Implant was chosen World Class 300!

05.15 – The 1st MegaGen Baltic Symposium in Lithuania 2015. 5. 15 ~ 16, Vilnius, Lithuania Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square

05.01 – The 11th Annual MegaGen International Symposium in NewYork 2015. 5. 1~2, Grand Hyatt Hotel

03.31 – MegaGen Implant received Award of Industrial Technology


09.28 – MegaGen Meg-Series won Convergence Federation Prime Minister’s Award for small and medium-sized business

08.04 – MegaGen signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Straumann and Daegu Metropolitan City

04.13 – MegaGen Symposium in Seoul 2014 2014. 4. 13, Auditorium, COEX

04.01 – MEG-Inject, Red Dot award 2014 Winner

03.31 – Straumann invests in MegaGen


12.19 – MegaGen Implant received world-class product prize

11.07 – The 10th Annual MegaGen International Symposium Evidences & Challenges with Masters Nov.7-8, 2013 / Hotel Shangri-La, Bangkok, Thailand

09.14 – MegaGen Symposium in Russia 2013. 9. 14~15, Moscow, Russia

05.28 – Exemplary small and medium-sized business Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy minister award

03.27 – Daegu-Kyeongbuk Region small and medium-sized administration award03.18AnyRidge got approval from Russia

02.22 – Korea Health Industry Development Institute award


12.25 – MEGAGEN TOWER opened(Gangnam Branch)

11.09 – MegaGen international symposium in Jeju 2012. 11. 9~10 FRI, Jeju Shilla Hotel

04.07 – MegaGen Paradigm 2012, Launched the new surface treatment “Xpeed” and Implant system “AnyOne” developed basis on T.O.P concept. Announced innovative “DDX” service for digital dentistry.

01.30 – Trademark “Anyridge” registered on the register of the Japan Patent Office.

01.17 – MegaGen Implant’s “Anyridge system” was awarded 2012 3rd week “IR52 Jang Young shil” prize.01.09Hold “2012 Jop experiece & recruiting camp for GyeongPook flagship company”01.02Present a new slogan for coming decade. “To be One, To the world, To the Future”.


12.30 – Hold the 2011 Year-End Ceremony at CINUS theater.

12.21 – [Award] MegaGen Implant was awarded 10 million export tower on the 48th Daegu-Gyongbook Trade Day12.13MegaGen awarded the Grand-Prize of the 11th Daegu-Gyeongpook High-tech Venture award

11.11 – [Symposium] Hold the 9th MegaGen International Symposium in Milan

10.13 – [Education] MINEC-IRAN approved as an official branch of MINEC international on 13 Oct 2011. DDS, MSc Maziar Shahzad Dowlatshahi was entrusted as President of MINEC-IRAN.

09.29 – [Certification] Renew the ISO 9001:2008/ ISO 13485:2003 Certification. [Certificate No.30098-2008-AQ-KOR-NA]: Certification for the Quality Management system of manufacturing dental Implant system and Bio materials.09.15[Product] Complete development of “Bone Expander Kit’ for ridge splite technique of Anyridge system.09.08[Certification] CE approval for the “Anyridge Internal Implant system” [Fixture, Abutment: 71220-2010-CE-KOR-NA Rev 6.0/ Surgical instrument: 2243-2007-CE-NOR Rev 2.0]

08.22 – [Product] Add 1mm cuff height of Octa abutment for thin gingival height. (Ref.Code: AANOAF0010)08.10[Product] Add “the spec code number” on the post of all solid abutment .

07.29 – Received a “Certification of Export leanding company” [IBK Bank]

07.20 – [KFDA] Register the prosthetic Kit & component (Impression driver, Mount Removal driver added)07.01[Education] Hold “MINEC-UCLA” 2011 Annual Meeting in Hawaii.

06.23 – [Exhibition] 2011 Attend SIDEX (Seoul International Dental Exhibition)

05.19 – [Award] Received a Prime Ministry Award on The 46th INVENTION DAY of Korea.

03.16 – [Award] Recived a Ministry of Knowledge & Economics award on “2011 Chamber’s day”

02.03 – [Certification] U.S FDA approval for “Ball abutment systme” [No.K101890]


12.30 – [Award] Awarded a Grand Prize for employment enlargement [Gyeongbuk province goverment]

12.29 – Selected as a “Leading Company of employment enlargement” [Gyeongbuk province goverment]

12.14 – [Award] President Park, Kwang Bum was awarded grand prize for “2010 Intellectual property management”

08.05 – U.S. FDA approval for the Lateral Sinus Graft system [No.3005554774]

07.02 – U.S. FDA approval for the Bone Plus BCP [No.K090950]

04.20 – Registered as a “Gyoung-Pook Patent STAR Company” [The Po-hang chamber of Commerce and Industry]


09.02 – Prime Minister of Korea Award of “Innovative Technology Show 2009” (Product : Bone Plus : Bio Material)

06.30 – Appointed as a leading company for future Bio-technology dental implant development from Korean government

04.30 – Appointed as “Guaranted by KOTRA” (KOTRA Seal of Excellence)

02.27 – Selected as Leading company of employment (Association of Medium company)

01.14 – Selected as “a Leading Technology Venture Company”(Small & Medium business Administration)


12.12Selected as “a Next Generation World Best Product Company 2008” (Ministry of Knowledge Economy) Selected as a Gyeongbuk PRIDE product (with a dental implant system)

12.03Won the first Gyeongbuk governor’s prize in the Daegu Gyeongbuk Venture Industry 2008

12.02Awarded “a five million dollar export tower prize” on the Forty Fifth Day of Trade

10.31Won Minister’s prize of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy at the Great Exhibition of Korea Enterprise Foundation 2008

10.23Selected as one of candidates for the Prime Minister’s prize in the section of Product Rescue at the Ninth Great Exhibition of Innovative Technologies of Small and Medium Enterprises

10.22Awarded the Prime Minister’s citation at “the Best Venture Enterprise 2008”

08.15U.S. FDA approval for the Rescue External Implant System (length 5.0, 6.0mm) NO.K081302

06.26Selected as “a Kibo A+ Member” of the Kibo technology fund

06.02Appointed as an export promising small and medium enterprise (Daegu Gyeongbuk Export Support Center)

05.29Won the reward prize of the man of merit on the First Day of Medical Appliances (Minister’s Prize of the Ministry for Health and Welfare)

05.13Won SMBA Administrator’s citation at the National Competition of Small and Medium Business Enterprisers 2008

04.11U.S. FDA approval for the Rescue Internal Implant System (length 5.0, 6.0mm) NO.K073058


12.28Won the first prize of the venture section of Small and Medium Enterprises (Gyeongbuk Governor)

12.07Changed the company name from MegaGen Co., Ltd. into MegaGen Implant Co., Ltd.

11.30Selected as a superior export company (Gyeongsan City Mayor)

05.18U.S. FDA approval for the EZ Plus Implant System NO.K070562

04.11CE Certification for the EZ Plus Implant System & the Rescue Implant System

04.10CE Certification for the Surhical spelling should be surgical Instrument

04.02U.S. FDA approval for the Rescue Internal Implant System NO.K063216



09.11Licensed to establish an organ bank (Korea Food & Drug Administration: No. 88)

06.09Selected as the Inno-Biz (No. 6535-0617)

04.19U.S. FDA approval for the Rescue Implant System NO.K053353

04.13U.S. FDA approval for the Intermezzo Plus Ficture spelling should be fixture NO.K053354

03.08CE Certification for the ExFeel Implant System/Intermezzo Implant System

01.10U.S. FDA approval for the ExFeel Implant System NO.K052369


12.21Certification of ISO9001/13485 DNV (NO.2005-OSL-AQ-0376)

09.02U.S. FDA approval for the Intermezzo Implant System NO.K051018

05.30Merged with MINEC Co., LTD.


09.09ISO9001/2000 (NO.12 100 23436 TMS)

07.14Government Industry Auxiliary Research Institute certified (ID No.20041761/ MegaGen Corp)

03.01Innovation of Technology Assignment of Small and Medium Business Administration achieved

02.27Venture Industry appointed (041327035-1-0034)


09.01Performed a project related to TBI business (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)

08.07Assumption of Co-Chief Director, Ryoo, Kyung-HO

04.28Permit of medical appliances production (Korea Food & Drug Administration: No. 1621)


01.03Established MegaGen Co., Ltd. (CEO Gwang-Bum Park)